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Tony Whedon is a poet, essayist, and musician. Over the past two decades his writing has appeared in over a hundred prominent literary magazines. He is a performing jazz trombonist and leads the poetry-jazz ensemble PoJazz and the Border Band.


Tony spends his summers with his wife Suzanne at their rural, peaceful cabin in the woods of Vermont. Winter finds them in their bungalow in the bayou of Georgia, performing locally and continuing his writing and poetry.


Tony's newest book, Drunk In The Woods was published in Summer of 2018. This collection of elegant, meditative writing is a literary window into the personal reflections of a recovering alcoholic. 

The themes of "the darks and lights of backwoods loneliness, the transcendent clarity that drinking and sobering up in the woods provides," are penned with eloquence and humility. 

For more information about Drunk In The Woods, click here.


2019 Award Finalist 

Tony's most recent published work, "Drunk in the Woods" was one of ten VT books nominated for the VT Book Award, a literary prize administered by Vermont College of Fine Arts that honors work of outstanding literary merit by Vermont authors and celebrates the long tradition of literature in the state.


Tony's story collection, "The Yellow Hatbox" was nominated for the Orison Press Fiction Award. 

Tony's poem, "Text Message on the Way Home from Carole’s Nonstop Bar" was nominated for the New Guard single poem award. The New Guard aims to recognize and showcase emerging and established writers, and to juxtapose tradition with experiment to create a new dialogue.

Click HERE to read the  poem.



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